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Who Ever Thought of Skyaking? by Janet
Have you ever heard of Miles Daisher? He is one of those guys that the regular adrenaline rush of just jumping out of a plane, or kayaking extreme whitewater just doesn't give him enough of a rush so he uses creativity to combine super extreme ...
Nothing Like The First Time by Janet
If you are still alive you can't forget the first time that you decided to go for it and go skydiving. That first intense experience that no matter how much you played it in your mind took you completely by surprise and took your breath ...

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Gary, I knew Timmy well, a very good soldier. I was his squad leader, 1st squad, 1st platoon. Ted Bateman
by Ted Bateman - 1 week ago
I just ordered ring pull smoke bombs from the Enola Gaye website, intended for use on a hang glider
by gordo - 2 weeks ago
by Vale - 1 month ago
searching for complete rig for newbies (45 jumps) my hight is 197cm, my weight is 108kg main and reserve should be 200+ sft rig can be an older one pls send me everything via pm thanks ...
by Matt Hias - 1 month ago
Hi Annie, Please try signing up again and if there's still a problem, take a screenshot of the message you are getting and post it on this thread. Here's how you take a screenshot: ...
by jade - 4 months ago
Homer R. Steedly Jr. 16 Pisgah Shadows Rd. Hendersonville, NC 28739 Thank you. Mike helped so many young soldiers grow up and make something of themselves. He was like a father to most ...
by Homer - 6 months ago

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